1. There are no adjustments to the robot, so if a faulty or worn part causes the robot to malfunction, replace that part.
  2. If you are not skilled at soldering, you should send in your Control Box for service if soldering is indicated. Control Box parts are small and easily damaged. Improper soldering may void your warranty and service policy.
  3. If you open the Control Box, unscrew only the 4 corner screws. Do not remove the 4 screws in the middle.
  4. The following solutions will apply to all models of Newgy Robots, except if marked with the following
    footnotes: 1 Robo-Pong® 1000 only, 2 Robo-Pong® 2000 only, 9 Model 1929 only.
PROBLEM: No robot functions work and Power Switch on Control Box does not light up when turned on.
  1. Make sure transformer is plugged securely into a power outlet. Verify that there is power in the outlet. Also check to be sure transformer input (on top of transformer) matches the electricity type in your area.
  2. Check that the male terminal of the transformer cord is plugged securely into the female Power Jack of the Control Box.
  3. If Control Box has been knocked off the table, a break may have been created on the circuit board. Inspect and re-solder any broken connections. Break is usually where the Power Jack is soldered to the circuit board. See Figure O 1,2.
  4. Verify that wires are properly attached to the bottom of the Power Switch: 1–Red, 2–Brown or White, 3–Black. (Model 1929 robots should be: 1–Black, 2–Red, 3–Brown or White.)
  5. Power Switch is bad. Replace.
  6. Fuse holder mounted to the circuit board is not making good contact with the fuse. If loose, tighten; if defective, replace. See Figure O 1,2.
  7. If A, B, C, D, E, and F check out, the Transformer is probably defective and needs to be replaced.
PROBLEM: No robot functions work and the Power Switch lights up when turned on.
  1. Make sure Connector Cable is securely plugged in.
  2. Check fuse in Control Box. If blown, replace. See Figure O.1,2
  3. Check for a break where the large capacitor is attached to the circuit board. Re-solder if necessary.9 See Fig.OOO.
  4. Bridge Rectifier in the Control Box is bad. See Figure O. Replace.1,2
  5. Wires inside Connector Cable are broken. See Solution 13E for testing procedure.


1 Applies to Robo-Pong® 1000 robots only.
2 Applies to Robo-Pong® 2000 robots only.
9 Applies to Model 1929 robots only.