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What Kind of Table Tennis Player Are You?

There are many different reasons to play table tennis, and many different kinds of tennis players. From family bonding time to the thrill of competition, table tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed by virtually everyone.  The sport is easy to play for novice and advanced players of any age, inside or out!

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What is Robo-Pong?

Robo-Pong is your ultimate table tennis trainer, workout partner, or family game leader. Infused with a mix of incredible features, Robo-Pong can vary ball speed, spin and shot placement. If you play table tennis professionally or recreationally, a Robo-Pong is a must-have training partner! See all the details.

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The Newgy Table Tennis Legacy

In 1972 Joe had a dream. That dream became Robo-Pong - your ultimate table tennis trainer, workout partner, or family game leader. Learn more about the man behind the machine, see Robo-Pong in action and find out more about the global reach of the world's leading table tennis robot.

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Newgy's Blog

2017 U.S. National Table Tennis Team Trials

March 26, 2017

The 2017 U.S. National Table Tennis Team Trials take place March 24-26 at the Triangle Table Tennis Center in Morrisville, NC. Top table tennis athletes compete for seven fully-funded qualification spots to the 2017 ITTF Leibherr World Table Tennis Championships! This intense competition features three Rio Olympians – Kanak Jha, Lily Zhang and Wu Yue along with 2008 Beijing Olympian Wang Chen. The Men’s Trial Entries include: Adar Alguetti, Anil Godhwani, Chance Friend, Gal Alguetti, Gregg Robertshaw, Kanak Jha, Krishnateja Avvari, Kunal Chodri, Nathan Hsu, Nicholas Tio, Nikhil Kumar, Richard Perez, Richard Ciz, Roy Ke, Seth Pech, Sharon Alguetti, Shuja Jafar-Ali, T.J. Beebe, Victor Liu, Yu Shao. The Women’s Trial Entries include: Amanda Malek, Amy Wang, Angela Guan, Crystal Wang, Grace Yang,...

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