I live in Europe and have seen two "different" robots. One is a "Donic Newgy Robo-Pong® 2000" and  the other is a "Butterfly". May I assume that both are identical and are being sold under your license? 

Yes, you are correct. Butterfly licensed our robot for sale in Europe from approximately 1990 to early 1997, selling both the Model 1929 and the Robo-Pong® 2000. Donic is our current European distributor and sells our current Robo-Pong® products. 

I live in South/Central America. How do I order a robot and where would I send it for repair?   

You will need to order your robot from Newgy USA (this website) link here to order Place your order online or contact us. Our normal shipping method to South America is by air freight, which will deliver goods to the airport nearest to you. If you want delivery to your door, we must use UPS, FedEx, or Airborne, but these are considerably higher. Before we can quote shipping, we must have an exact address to ship to and the location of the nearest airport.

Upon arrival in your country, you will also be responsible for paying custom duties and fees, which vary from country to country. Custom duties and fees are not included with your shipping fees. We suggest that you contact your local customs office to find out what fees, if any, they will require before releasing your package. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express or International Money Orders for payment.

For repairs, be sure to first use our Troubleshooting Guide to see if the problem can be solved without sending the unit in. If using the Troubleshooting Guide does not help, then pack the robot body, control box, and cables into a box and send them to Newgy USA. To separate the robot body from the net assembly, loosen the two wing nuts and pull the robot body up and away from the net assembly. 

I live outside of North and South America. How do I order a robot and where would I send it for repair?  

Please refer to our International Dealers page here.