The Limba / Balsa combination produced by the DONIC Dotec Technology, results in a perfect, relatively speedy, all round blade. The touch is amazing when returning the ball. One cannot experience better control inside the DONIC Dotec range! Available in LEFT-handed or RIGHT-handed version.

In the Waldner Dotec AR, the Dotec mesh lies directly under the Limba covering ply. The middle layer consists of Limba ply. The core is made out of 4,5 mm Dotec-Balsa

Available in Right-Handed or Left-Handed versions: 
The DONIC Dotec System is the wood technology without awkward edges. Since the human hand does not have hard edges, DONIC wanted to develop a smooth blade without sharp edges. It was, therefore, important to ensure a completely smooth transition between blade and handle.

The DONIC Dotec system is the technology that provides a blade with a perfectly smooth handle – a joy to grip.

Brand Donic   Class: ALL+   Speed: 81   Control: 74   Weight: 70   Plies: 7w   Thickness: 7.4