The Xiom Vega Pro is a five ply, 2 composite carbon veneer table tennis shakehand style blade. The racquet has good feel, and is offensive in speed. A new era racquet, the Vega Pro - is sensitive to the new plastic ball and is ready to enhance your game. Made with Jointless wood veneers which is a first for the table tennis industry. This adds extra stability and consistency.

Zephylium and X Carbon plies included. The thinner carbon layera reduce blade weight without reducing power or touch.


The Vega Pro is a new era racquet made in Korea, with strict product control, which ensures product consistency and performance. Each racquet comes with a removable T-Foil plastic layer to protect the top layer from scratching during packaging or transit. The removable T-Foil layer can then be used to protect the rubber sheet after it has been assembled.