Vega Japan from Xiom: Technology drives the new world of table tennis. Internal Mechanic Boost of Hyper Elasto IMB generation opens the new opportunity for Vega users. Tuned to make more spin energy easier, Vega Japan makes the power-charged spin and allows for flexible control. Service return and topspin attacks are far more accurate and consistent to give real-life advantages in your game. Energized spin also drops the ball quicker and lower at the opponent's court. Specially constructed Carbo sponge synchronizes perfectly with the energy mechanism of Vega Japan. Ball capturing at the contact is very solid, yet also superbly comfortable.

Raise your standard and win with us!

  • True Innovation - Hyper Elasto IMB technology for Vega
  • Super Dynamics - Engined by Black Carbo Sponge
  • New Era, New Shape - Celebrating Vega's "Win Fit" design 

Brand Xiom   Type: Smooth   Speed: 90   Spin: 90   Control: 72   Hardness: Medium   Sponge Thickness: 2.0,Max