Traction II is DONIC's successor to MS Soft and MS Pro rubbers, a Chinese rubber specifically produced to fit European requirements. The result: Top acceleration and an excellent bounce off the blade, in addition to being very spinny. It is particularly suitable for topspin players who like to play close as well as away from the table.

Sponge hardness: medium 
Sponge thickness: 2,1 mm 
Successor and updated version of Traction MS Pro i.e., MS Soft made in China. 
This new technology guarantees optimum speeds and best possible control. 
A perfect combination of a grippy top surface, ensuring speed, together with a medium hard, super-elastic sponge.

Brand Donic   Type: Smooth   Speed: 87   Spin: 91   Control: 72   Hardness: Medium   Sponge Thickness: 2.1