Sigma II Europe delivers the real results for tour professionals. Tour professional version of Internal Mechanical Boost (IMB) makes you control the magnitude of spin energy easier and better. Developed by and made for tour professionals, Sigma II Europe also shapes the ball trajectory easier than any other rubbers. High level players will realize the well-controlled short balls and the accurate ball path that increases the real winning probability. You can also charge far more energy on the spin with IMB technology. As a result, the ball winds up quicker and aggressively lower at the opponent's court, while it can start comfortably higher. Dynamics of the black Carbo Sponge also boost this energy mechanism to create the real advantages for tour professionals.

Raise your standard and win with us!

  • Pro-made Tour version of IMB generation
  • Winning trajectory with extra-energized spin
  • Hyper dynamics of the world-dominating Carbo Sponge

Brand Xiom   Type: Smooth   Speed: 93   Spin: 96   Control: 67   Hardness: Medium   Sponge Thickness: 2.0,Max