Rasant Turbo rubber from Andro is for offensive performers who score by skillful topspins and spinny strokes! 
--Discover the possibilities given by the ultra-spinny RASANT topsheet! 
--React on your opponent’s topspins by playing harder and more dangerous counterspins! 
--Carry spin and speed to extremes! Play topspin strokes with an enormous quality and absolute precision! 
--Increase the dynamic of your strokes by using the massive power which is hidden in the unique explosive green RASANT sponge! 
--Use the advantage! Install the update – now! Play RASANT TURBO!

Brand Andro   Type: Smooth   Speed: 95   Spin: 95   Control: 68   Hardness: Medium Hard (47.5)   Sponge Thickness: 1.7,1.9,2.1