Paddle Palace EZ PRO Glue Easy to use, Easy to remove! Used and recommended by Paddle Palace! 

This water-based glue is VOC-free and legal under ITTF regulations. This is the glue used at Paddle Palace for the gluing of all our custom paddles and we love it! Paddle Palace EZ Pro Glue is superior in how easily it is removed when changing your rubber. Any glue residue on the blade or rubber easily peels off. 

Includes glue applicator kit with one reusable clip and 20 sponges. Available in 4 oz/118ml,  or 8 oz/236 ml 

No shipping restrictions. Made in USA. 

1) Apply uniform layer of glue to back side of rubber and to table tennis blade.
2) Wait until fully dry.
3) Adhere rubber to blade.
4) Cut rubber to fit blade.

Keep cap closed when not in use. Store at room temperature. Do not allow to freeze. If product is frozen, defrost the frozen container in hot water. If the glue defrosts at room temperature, it will not be usable.