The new Delta S rubber is the result of Tibhar's decision to produce a new generation of rubbers that concentrate the three fundamental characteristics of the highly successful NIMBUS rubber family -- speed, playing sensation, and control. When compared to the original NIMBUS ranges, both the new versions -- Delta V and Delta S -- have new pimple orientation providing a more dynamic and extreme catapult reaction to the ball. Delta S is the version with more feeling and playing sensation -- for the player striving to play a spinnier game.

Delta S: More feeling and playing sensation, for the player striving to play a spinnier game. 
Delta V: For speed, it will be the player's first choice if he privileges a fast game.

Brand Tibhar   Type: Smooth   Speed: 85   Spin: 77   Control: 76   Hardness: 42.5   Sponge Thickness: 1.8,2.0,Max