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The Newgy Versa-Net is designed to recycle balls for all Newgy 500 and 1000 series Robo-Pong ball buckets, as well as work as a catch and collection net for multi-ball and serve practice.

Now you can play and practice longer; reduce the need to stop and pick up balls as often! The Versa-Net catches the balls and funnels them back into your Robo-Pong so you can replay them over and over again.

Versa-Net is great for table tennis players of all levels! The Newgy Versa-Net does it all!

  • Lightweight
  • Fast and easy assembly. On and off the table in seconds. Quickly and conveniently folds for transport and storage.
  • Drawstring pocket for collection
  • Includes side nets to block angled shots and direct the balls into the main net