Stiga Innova and Stiga Innova Ultra Light have Stiga's new ACS (Air-Capsule System) technology that will revolutionize table tennis. The ACS-technology allows very high speed to be combined with maximum springiness/elasticity in an ultra-light rubber with outstanding control. This phenomenon must be experienced first hand! Stiga's Air-Capsule System is made up of numerous microscopic air-capsules with very thin walls, creating a lighter rubber sheet with more air capsules (since less material between the air capsules is used. Increases springiness/elasticity, thus delivering the ultimate spin, speed, and power. Innova is approximately 10% lighter and Innova Ultra Light is approximately 15% lighter than regular rubber sheets.

Brand Stiga   Type: Smooth   Speed: 79   Spin: 80   Control: 79   Hardness: Soft   Sponge Thickness: 2.0,Max