With improved speed and maximum spin due to in-built speed glueing effect! DONIC DESTO F1 is the fastest rubber from the DESTO Formula series. A high-tech weapon for well trained players of ability, who require more speed from their rubber. Qualities of spin and speed previously unknown for unglued rubber sheets. The built-in speed glueing effect produces good sound, softness, plus speed and spin. The new FORMULA rubber is exciting to play with! Additional speed glueing is not recommended - added glue presents the danger of over-glueing. DONIC does not accept responsibility for over-glueing. We recommend DONIC DESTO F1 for the following players: Players who used speed glue until now can do without by using DESTO F1. Players who never used speed glue will feel a new, out of this world, table tennis sensation.

Brand Donic   Type: Smooth   Speed: 92   Spin: 84   Control: 70   Hardness: Medium (45)   Sponge Thickness: 2.0,Max