The Donic Crest OFF blade has unique, extremely thin Carbon and Carbon ZF fibers. Despite the 9-ply combination, this blade is not that thick, and it is quite light.

- Carbon guarantees a greater sweetspot, Carbon ZF offers stability, flexibility and lightness. 
- Specially glued perfect veneer combination 
- Excellent playing characteristics, ultimate feel and wonderful touch 
- Fast with good control 
- 9-ply pure perfection

Crest stands for perfection, the absolute top of the range. Conceited? Test it yourself! DONIC CREST is impressive with its fantastic feel. Experience the unique feel of this blade. Nine perfectly adjusted and precisely processed plies are the secret of these absolute top class offensive blades: Fast, excellent feel, very solid and relatively light despite the nine plies.

The extremely thin carbon layers guarantee a much larger sweetspot, the Carbon ZF-plies create stability, flexibility and la blade that is light to play with.

Excellent playing characteristics, wonderful touch and the ultimate feel! 
Veneer structure: 9-ply 
Outer veneer Limba 0,8 mm 
2+8 Carbon ZF 
3+7 Carbon fleece 
4+6 Limba 0,8 mm 
Middle veneer Kiri 2,8 mm 
Thickness: 5,9mm

Brand Donic   Class: OFF   Speed: 95   Control: 70   Weight: 85   Plies: 5w,2c,2z/c   Thickness: 5.9