Core 7 OFF + is a 7-ply offensive blade with great speed reserves. Five Ayous layers and two Limba outer veneers provide the framework. Compared to andro Core 7 OFF it has a thicker veneer construction and therefore generates more speed. The good processing and the fine balance of the wood guarantee good ball feeling.

Long before synthetic fibers in the construction of high-quality table tennis blades were used for the first time, 7- ply blades were already the absolute classics. Many players today also know about the excellent qualities of a 7- ply blade that is made of 100% wood: a pleasantly direct, not too hard impact and a high ball bounce, forming a perfect base for a forceful topspin game.

Brand Andro   Class: OFF+   Speed: 94   Control: 65   Weight: 88   Plies: 7w   Thickness: 6.8