The andro Core 7 OFF consists of five Ayous veneers, encased in two Limba veneers. Characterized by a pleasant feeling, not too hard impact and slight vibrations. Low weight facilitates handling and a slight top-heaviness increases the impact power in offensive game situations.

Long before synthetic fibers in the construction of high-quality table tennis blades were used for the first time, 7- ply blades were already the absolute classics. Many players today also know about the excellent qualities of a 7- ply blade that is made of 100% wood: a pleasantly direct, not too hard impact and a high ball bounce, forming a perfect base for a forceful topspin game.

For for high-feeling, spin-oriented offensive play, choose the andro Core 7 OFF.

Brand Andro   Class: OFF   Speed: 91   Control: 67   Weight: 85   Plies: 7w   Thickness: 6.0