Donic has deliberately used a somewhat softer outer ply of Koto for the Burn Aratox, which offers greater control than the Aratox RS. This is a suitable blade for allround players who like to play a spinny game with soft rubber. This blade is, however, also suitable for a fast and dynamic game played with hard rubber.

Two new related materials offer all ambitious players a new technology advance. Aratox and Carbotox fibers are incorporated in the production of Donic Burn Tox blades, based on the Burn blade manufacturing process. Both fibers are softer and more elastic than their predecessors Aramid (which has been replaced by Aratox) and Carbon (replaced by Carbotox). Donic has used the highest quality wood plies for this series. Thanks to their unique structure, Donic Burn Tox blades have good feel and are easy to use despite their apparent stiffness when striking the ball. Donic offers a precise model from the Burn Tox blade series for every allround and attacking player, just as they did with the Burn series.

Brand Donic   Class: ALL+   Speed: 81   Control: 74   Weight: 90   Plies: 5w,2a   Thickness: 6.1