Boost TC (Tension Clic) has a soft sponge, creating a truly sensational touch and feel for the player. It gives a crisp clear sound on striking the ball. Sponge is less soft than Boost TS., but softer than Boost TX and TP)

Stiga has achieved the ultimate answer for the non-glue era! Boost rubbers with the new TTS Technology with "TransTension Sponge" and new materials generate maximum tension and sponge power. Boost rubbers are fast, bouncy, and with a tremendous catapult effect.

The Boost series includes 4 rubbers: Boost TS, Boost TC, Boost TP and Boost TX. Each Boost rubber has special characteristics to suit your game and your expectations for a rubber. All Boost rubbers have built-in speed glue effect and generate tremendous power and spin. The trajectory is phenomenal and the feeling is like playing with speed glue.

STIGA Boost -- The Power of Built In Speed Glue Effect!

Brand Stiga   Type: Smooth   Speed: 87   Spin: 84   Control: 75   Hardness: Soft   Sponge Thickness: 1.8,2.0,Max