DONIC has combined the finest wood plies for their new Bloodwood blades, plies which are normally used in the production of exclusive high quality speakers and musical instruments. The Bloodwood outer plies are especially solid and hard, to produce the blades' required stiffness. In order to create the best possible mixture of power and feel it was important to combine the hard outer plies with soft inner plies and carefully harmonize the different thicknesses.


DONIC had to establish new technology to glue the Bloodwood plies: Bloodwood and Palisander plies required stronger pressure and higher temperatures in the gluing process in order to create perfect feel and avoid disturbing vibration. The Bloodwood 5 is an allround + blade which would be classed as "Quick Allround".

The five carefully arranged plies ensure an extremely good balance of speed, control and feel. This is the perfect instrument for players who demand good ball control and want sufficient speed to mount an attack. The new Swedish top quality blades from DONIC have unrivalled feel when playing! Bloodwood - blades of noble lineage.

Brand Donic   Class: OFF   Speed: 88   Control: 68   Weight: 85   Plies: 5w   Thickness: 6.3