Nittaku Alhelg is the ideal new technology rubber for the 40+ non-celluloid poly balls. You will enjoy the outstanding spin and speed, especially for counter topspin and various techniques against short balls on the table.

The "Natural Power Top Sheet" made from high grade natural rubber has bigger pimples and a thicker layer, creating the grippy surface. The "Pla Turbo Sponge" has bigger pores and air inside, giving a "bite feeling". Energy is built in. The outstanding speed and high friction of this rubber is unsurpassed!

Available in Super thick (2.0mm), and Thick (1.8mm) sponge thickness.

Brand Nittaku   Type: Smooth   Speed: 96   Spin: 96   Control: 68   Hardness: 35   Sponge Thickness: 1.8,2.0