You play table tennis because you know it is a great workout! From a light workout to rigorous play, table tennis allows you to get exercise involving quick, explosive movements and utilization of your legs, arms and core. And, you can get a great workout in wherever you have a table set up. The challenge is you need two people to effectively play table tennis. Or do you?

table tennis Newgy workout

Newgy Robo-Pong® makes table tennis routines easy

When you play with another person you experience frequent stoppage of play. Someone misses a shot, or they aren't placing the ball consistently in a position that is difficult to return. That's not the case with Robo-Pong! 

Not only can you control the speed and direction of shots, but you can put consistent spin on the balls for an even bigger challenge. Trust us – several minutes of play against the 2050 model shooting balls at 60 mph every second with randomized placement will leave you winded!

Newgy 540 - Entry Level Family Fun Robot & Exercise Newgy 1040 2050 Robo-Pong
Light Workout –consistent ball placement for repetition Advanced Workout – added ball control and speed with a larger auto-feed ball basket

Intense – Recycling Net System for near-continuous play; program your own workout with PC mode

Featured Testimonial
My son enjoys table tennis and he is an alone child so it great for him to be able to play without looking for a partner. He set it up and he is 13. As long as we keep playing I am sure it will be good exercise and fun. Only used it two days so happy to update once we have had it for awhile! - Arni S.

What a workout!

2040 model’s net system with automatic ball feed will keep your workout moving with minimal stops. Or program your own workout with the 2050 – both these models feature our highest speeds, spin variance and randomized shot placement.

Players of any age can enjoy the exercise benefits of Robo-Pong - from focus to agility and coordination table tennis is a sure-fire way to stay fit!