You want to be a top tournament or club player, or have bragging rights in the office lounge. You watch online videos and read player tips in order to improve your game, and you probably play with a similarly skilled player when schedules allow to train. You are all about getting your game on!

Meet Your New Personal Coach & Trainer

Training with another person is great, but it can be hard to isolate and work on specific areas of your game consistently. From improving your ability to return spins or chops, or strengthening your backhand and improving shot placement, Robo-Pong® is your ultimate table tennis trainer! 

From practice fast hits to randomized placement, settings can be adjusted to help you work on a specific skill or improve overall game play. Need help on hitting spins, Robo-Pong can do that too! Digital models provide the ultimate control and allow you to program drills using the PC mode.

Newgy 1050 Newgy 2040 2050 Robo-Pong
Advanced Training – program your own use the digital controller for precise control Accelerated Training – Recycling Net System for near-continuous practice; analog controller to set speed, frequency, and oscillation

High Performance – Recycling Net System plus maximum digital control. 64 pre-installed drills or use PC mode to create your own 

Featured Testimonial
Great For Practice: I have only had this product for a few days but so far it has been great. I can now practice any time I want. The best part is that it provides a variety of spins which is beneficial. C. Amos

The Ultimate Table Tennis Trainer - 24/7

Whether you are looking to win office bragging rights, increase rank at the table tennis club or beat out the competition at your next tournament, Robo-Pong is a must have! See Pro Samson Dubina showcase all 64 Robo-Pong drills (1050 & 2050 models).