It’s amazing what can be accomplished with passion and determination. What started as a hobby turned into a leading innovation when table tennis enthusiast Joe Newgarden, Jr. began working on the first Newgy robot in 1972. After considerable research and development, the first Robo-Pong® debuted in 1988 to rave reviews – this pattern has continued with each new generation of Robo-Pong that Mr. Newgarden and his team have perfected.

While his backhand may not be quite as strong as it used to be, Mr. Newgarden is still at the helm of Newgy Industries. Why? Because the fire still burns, and he believes that Robo-Pong can revolutionize the game of table tennis and the way that people enjoy it.  There’s no reason to doubt this logic – especially as Newgy continues to perfect and advance the incorporation of “smart” technology into their robots.

And, thanks to his potent combination of passion and vision, hundreds of thousands of individuals and families are enjoying the sport of table tennis in ways they never could before. Simply put, nothing teaches the sport of table tennis faster or more effectively than the Robo-Pong table tennis robot.

Mr. Newgarden's impact has spread even further through the development & implementation of various programs, such as their Table Tennis School Programs, tournament sponsorships and Table Tennis Training Center located in Hendersonville, Tennessee – all designed to bring the sport of table tennis into the mainstream in the USA!