You enjoy playing table tennis with friends and family because anyone can play and you know it provides a fun and it gives you a chance to spark up a little friendly competition.  Plus, table tennis is a great way to help kids learn to focus, develop coordination and practice good sportsmanship. 

Want to have even more fun playing table tennis?

Adding a Newgy Robo-Pong® into the mix takes the experience to a whole new level by creating opportunities for new skills-based challenge competitions.  Add a Pong-Master game with its sensor targets and integrated scoring display and makes gameplay even more exciting!

Newgy 540 - Entry Level Family Fun Robot & Exercise Newgy 1050 - digital robot 2040 Robo-Pong
Novice Play – enjoy automated table tennis Moderate play – program your own use the digital controller for precise control

Advanced – integrated net system with ball feed gives you near-continuous play

Featured Testimonial
Best Robot For the Money: I just wanted to express how much my family and I love our Robo-Pong 2040 ping-pong robot. I had purchased a much more expensive robot, which just collects dust, and have played with many different brands of robots but I think that the simplicity of Newgy’s robot and reliability makes it Awesome. Jamie A.

Family Fun in Action... 

Kids of all ages can enjoy the increased fun and challenge a Robo-Pong provides to their table tennis experience. Family bonding, exercise, and brain-training all rolled into one!