Features and Specifications

1 Control Box- Digital vs. Analog
Digital Control Box

Revolutionary digital technology means easy, precise regulation of ball speed, wait time, and landing location. Randomize ball speed, wait time, and/or landing spot on table to make robot more unpredictable.

Analog Control Box
2 Randomness Controls

The digital robot models have the randomness option which allows for randomized ball speed, wait time, and/or landing spot on the table to make the robot more unpredictable. It is more like playing with an actual person. Settings at randomness can be carefully controlled so robot can become progressively more difficult as skills improve.

Robo-Pong 2050/2040 Recommended Ball Capacity based on recycling net is 120 Robo-Balls. 
4 What are pre-programmed drills

64 pre-programmed drills are ready to go with the digital robot models for every skill level. Pre-programmed drills are great for competitive training or a great cardio workout. There are drills for beginners, intermediate, advanced and expert level players. Other drills train serve return, reactions to random balls, attack of underspin returns and attack of high balls. Drills can easily be made to run slower or faster to suit a wide range of skill levels.

5 What does PC Mode mean/do?

With PC Mode, you can create, read, run and save drill files. Save them on a PC, write them to the Control Box, or swap them with friends via email or the internet.

6 Voltage Regulation
7 Pulse Width Modulation

1 May require inexpensive plug adapter to match common electrical sockets in various countries
2 except 2050 requires optional Robo-Caddy for use with conversion tops used on 9 foot pool tables.