Going for Gold? Make a Robot Your Next Table Tennis Partner

Cody Crook

Going for Gold? Make a Robot Your Next Table Tennis Partner

Whether you’re looking to emulate recent Olympic Gold Medalist Ma Long at an elite level or want to be able to best your friends and family at the next table tennis tournament, the only way to win is with practice.

Your partner? A Robo-Pong Robot by Newgy. 

The 2020 Summer Olympics (played in 2021!) are over, and there’s only three years to train for the Paris games in 2024. OK, OK, we know you’re probably not going to be trying out for the Olympic team… but who knows? Everyone must start somewhere! There are at least three things you’ll definitely need: A Coach, Practice time, and Patience. 


Put Me in, Coach!

Not everyone can afford a full-time coach, and for those who don’t have patient spouses or kids who are willing to serve shots in the basement over and over, what’s the solution? The answer is simple - and it’s already been invented - and perfected.

No, this isn’t something out of The Jetsons - it’s an ingenious way to get in repetitions and learn muscle memory so you can focus on strategy - not just basic mechanics.

Robo-Pong Robots by Newgy are table tennis robots that help ping-pong® enthusiasts up their game. Whether you’re playing for fun and recreation as healthy family fun, or you’re a competitive player on the international circuit, there’s a Robo-Pong Robot for you!

Newgy offers five different robots to fit your budget and needs - for home, office or other recreation space from the Super Pro Robo-Pong Table Tennis Robot to the Jr. Eagle Eye Robo-Pong Ping-Pong Robot.

These affordable products can help enhance hand-eye coordination and improve response time. Got a specific skill you want to work on? Easy. All Robo-Pong products will let you adjust the frequency, oscillation, and direction of balls. 

And Newgy doesn’t expect you to go it alone, either. Helpful videos can help you get started using your Robo-Pong right away. Got any questions? Tech support is just a click away. 


Practice Only Makes Perfect if You’re Doing it Right

If you’re practicing the wrong skills over and over, you won’t get any better. Luckily, all of Newgy’s Robo-Pong robots are designed to help you focus on the skills you most need to master – and they’re designed for easy assembly and use. You can simulate specific patterns, focus on different shot types, and learn how to respond to the most challenging situations to build muscle memory. 

Are you looking for training tips? You’re in luck. The experts who built Newgy Products are table tennis professionals. Just go to their coaching tips site to get great practice ideas. 

What if you just want to have fun? That’s great. Newgy is the first table tennis robot designed for recreation and health, too. The whole family can get in on the action. 

And when you’re done for the day, your Newgy Robo-Pong robot is simple to take down until you’re ready for your next training session.


Don’t Forget to Pack Your Patience

One last thing. Remember: The best players didn’t become that way overnight. Be gentle with yourself. Learn and study the game. Need a refresher? Newgy offers a free poster of the basic rules that you can print out and hang next to your table. 

Then find out about the best equipment. Newgy offers accessories like paddles, balls, nets, and other accouterments to help you get the most out of your Robo-Pong training experience. 

We can’t wait to hear about your experience with your Newgy. Let us know how you’re doing. Follow us, find tips and specials and share your story on Instagram or Facebook!


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