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Perhaps the most overlooked stroke in the game is the simple push. The ability to execute a good quality push stroke is critical for players of any style. The push is used to move your opponent around and for returning underspin serves. If you can't produce good spin on your pushes, your opponent will have many opportunities for an easy attack.

The basic elements of a good push stroke are:
  • Make as much friction (spin) contact as possible.
  • Contact the ball as it is descending.
  • Contact the bottom of the ball.
  • Direct the ball to one of three locations:
    1. Deep to the backhand corner
    2. Deep to the forehand corner
    3. Deep into your opponent's playing elbow.
Stroke description:

The push stroke should actually be thought of as an over-the-table chop. It is a short stroke executed with the forearm and wrist. The most common error is to reach too much for the ball and over extend the arm. This causes a loss of control. You need to catch the ball close to the body. Another common fault is to start the stroke with the arm held too high. This will keep you from contacting the bottom part of the ball and producing good spin.

Suggested Practice Session:
  1. First of all, set your Newgy Robot to produce a deep underspin return to your backhand.
    • Practice making as much spin as possible on your pushes (5 min)
    • Practice directing your push to one of the three prime locations listed above. (5min)
    • Practice changing the amount of spin on your returns. Changing the amount of wrist used does this. (5 min)
  2. Now adjust your Newgy Robot to oscillate backspin returns within in your backhand court (oscillator lever positions 3,6 for right-handers; 1,4 for left-handers).
  3. Next repeat the above sequence directing the ball to your forehand side (oscillator lever positions 1,4 for right-handers; 3,6 for left-handers).
  4. Finally, set your Newgy Robot to full table oscillation (oscillator lever positions 3,4) and Repeat the above exercises.
Important Points to Remember:

Good pushes require good footwork. Reaching for the ball will produce weak shots. Both the amount of spin and the location of your push returns are equally important. Good quality pushes will force errors or weak attacks from your opponent.

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