2017 World Championship of Ping Pong - Results

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20 year-old Weihao Yan of China won the sixth annual World Championship of Ping Pong at the Alexandra Palace, London this past weekend, January 28-29, 2017!  Alexander Flemming of Germany is this year's runner-up.

Yan stated that he has actually only been playing sandpaper ping pong for six months and hasn't received any professional table tennis training.

More than 25 countries were represented with 64 table tennis players competing in this tournament.

This event attracted a large, excited crowd of 1,200 fans.

$100,000 total prize fund was up for grabs!

For complete tournament results, visit http://www.worldchampionshipofpingpong.net/knockout/.

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FIT Newgy Open Table Tennis Championships

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The 26th FIT Newgy Open Table Tennis Championships is set for November 12-13, 2016 at the Fashion Institute of Technology – Building A – 7th Avenue at 27th Street, New York, New York 10001-5992.

Almost $3000 in prize money is up for grabs at this popular 2-star USATT sanctioned table tennis tournament.

This tournament features 18 events for all ages and playing levels, ranging from Junior, Seniors, College Open, Under 1050, Under 2050 and many more. The format will be Round Robin, with three or four players per group. The player with the best record in the group will advance to the single elimination draw. All matches are best 3 out of 5 games.

Click here for more information.

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2016 Alabama Middle/High School Table Tennis Club Team Championships

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(Duke Stogner, Operations Manager of BumperNets)

The 2016 Alabama Middle/High School Table Tennis Club Team Championships were at the Trussville Parks & Recreation Center Red Gym on Friday, October, 14, 2016.

Participating Schools9 high schools: Baker in Mobile; Hewitt in Trussville; McAdory in McAdory; Mtn. Brook in Mtn. Brook; Oak Mtn. in Birmingham; Oneonta in Oneonta; Pinson Valley in Pinson; Spain Park in Spain Park; Sumiton in Sumiton.  5 middle schools: Berry in Hoover; Hewitt; Oak Mtn; Simmons in Hoover; Oneonta in Oneonta; Simmons in Hoover.

Participating Students: 81

ResultsHigh School: A-Division1st. pl: Spain Park; 2nd. pl: Hewitt; B-Division1st. pl: Spain Park; 2nd. pl: Hewitt.  Middle School: A-Division: 1st. pl: Berry; 2nd. pl: Oak Mtn; B-Division: 1st. pl: Berry; 2nd. pl:Hewitt.

MVP: High School: Ben Hartwiger;  Middle School: Luke Smith

In Addition:  This table tennis event started in 2011, so this is the 6th consecutive year as it keeps getting bigger.

Until the time comes when there are enough girls to have their own table tennis team (three per team), this is a co-ed event for now.  This is the second consecutive year girls have been on a team.  Last year, Caroline Cox, an 8th grader, made the Hewitt Middle School team, making her the first girl to take part.  This year, there were two; Kyle Wilson, another 8th grader from Oneonta Middle School and Lexi McGrew, a 7th grader from Simmons Middle School.

Final Results


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2016 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championships

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The 2016 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championships are set for December 12-17, 2016 at the Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada!

This 5 Star tournament includes 94 different table tennis events including Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Junior Boys, Junior Girls, Junior Teams, Cadet, Sandpaper, Hardbat, Recreational and many more.

The 2016 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championship is open to all members of the USATT and to members of ITTFaffiliated associations.

The previous year’s event drew more than 1,100 table tennis players from all around the world.

The Linq and The Flamingo are this year’s official tournament hotels.

The entry deadline is Nov. 20, with Early Bird entry available through Nov. 6.

Online entry is now available. Click here to for more information and to register.

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2016 Edgeball Chicago International Table Tennis Open

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The 2016 Edgeball Chicago International Table Tennis Open will be held October 29-30, 2016 at the Libertyville Sports Complex in Libertyville, Illinois.

This 4-Star USATT sanctioned table tennis tournament attracts world class table tennis players including Jorgen Persson of Sweden, a former world champion, Chen Weixing (World #55), Lucjan Blaszczyk of Poland and Thiago Monteiro of Brazil.

This exciting table tennis festival will kick off with the Friday night warm-up on Oct. 28 and will include music, games, entertainment and a chance to meet, play and take pictures with the international table tennis players. The semi-finals and finals will include performances by magician Brent Allan and the Glenview Cheerleaders. The event is hosted by comedian Brett Walkow.

Over $12,500 in cash prizes is up for grabs!

More than 300 table tennis players are already registered to compete so sign up now to reserve your spot before the deadline of Monday, Oct. 24. You can register online at omnipong.com or visit EdgeballTableTennis.com for more details.

Newgy is proud to be one of the sponsors of the 2016 Edgeball Chicago International Table Tennis Open, along with Joola, GO2 Logistics and Edgeball Table Tennis Corp.

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2014 Transplant Games of America – Table Tennis

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The 2014 Transplant Games of America were held July 11-15 in Houston, Texas.  The multi-sport festival event promotes the need for Organ and Tissue donation. Eligible athletes have received a life-saving transplant. The competition includes 18 different sports and games including table tennis, bowling, basketball, cycling, trivia challenge and more.

The Table Tennis Tournament included Men’s and Women’s divisions, ages 11-70+.

Congrats to our friend Gay Eisen of Nashville, Tennessee, who won the Silver in her age group. She practices on her Robo-Pong ping pong robot and has trained with Newgy’s Coach Roger Dickson for several years at the Newgy Table Tennis Center.

For complete tournament results, click here

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2014 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championship Results

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700 top table tennis players from around the world competed in the 2014 U.S. Open Table Tennis Championship last week. About 100 ping-pong tables were filled with some of the best players at the DeVos Convention Center in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Congrats to all the winners in the more than 80 event divisions, which included Men’s and Women’s Singles, Doubles, Hardbat, Sandpaper, Wheelchair, Junior Boys and Girls and many more.

Wenzhang Tao of China took home the Gold in the Men’s Singles division and Yuko Fujii of Japan earned the Gold in the Women’s Singles division.

A special congratulations to Newgy’s sponsored player and friend, Sameh Awadallah (Boshra) for earning 2nd Place in the 030 Men’s Division.

For complete tournament results, click here.

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2014 Tennessee Senior Olympics – Table Tennis, State Finals Results

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Congratulations to all the winners and everyone that competed in the 2014 Tennessee Senior Table Tennis Olympics this week in Franklin, Tennessee.  A special congrats to Newgy's own Mr. Newgarden and Larry Thoman for bringing home the gold in their age groups!

Men's Singles, 50-54

First Place - Donny Flowers

Second Place - Slawomir Waclawik

Third Place - Jonathan Foulds

Men's Singles, 55-59

First Place - Larry Thoman

Second Place - Dennis Rountree

Third Place - Richard Bartelt

Men's Singles, 60-64

First Place – Phil Yan

Second Place – Charles Collins

Third Place – Kenneth Simcox

Men’s Singles, 70-74

First Place – David Cass

Second Place – Everett Hunley

Third Place – Charles Kolitz

Men’s Singles, 75-79

First Place – John Edd Walker

Second Place – Paul Barnhart

Third Place – Jack Daves

Men’s Singles, 80-84

First Place – Dwain Kitchel

Second Place – Billy Neely

Third Place – Joe Camp

Men’s Singles, 85-90

First Place – Joe Newgarden, Jr.

Second Place – Sam Gennoe

Third Place – Robert Carpenter

Men’s Singles, 90-94

First Place – George Durr

Second Place – Ray Lundell

Women’s Singles, 50/80/85

First Place - Yiqing (Linda) Liu, First Place - Maureen Meeks

Second Place – Sheila Arwine

Women’s Singles, 55-59

First Place – Liliana Kohann

Second Place – Lyn Nunley

Women’s Singles, 60-64

First Place – Carol Sherman

Second Place – Phyllis Finnell

Women’s Singles, 65-69

First Place – Linda Cass

Second Place – Suzanne Glendenning

Third Place – Anne Paine

Women’s Singles, 70-74

First Place – Alice Tym

Second Place – Sondra Tornga

Third Place – Donna Beeler

Women’s Singles, 75-79

First Place – Ruth Gove

Second Place – Joyce Manis

Third Place – Mary Walker

Women’s Doubles, 50-54/55-59

First Place – Liliana Kohann and Yiqing (Linda) Liu

Second Place - Lyn Nunley and Sheila Arwine

Women’s Doubles, 65-69

First Place - Suzanne Glendenning and Linda Cass

Second Place - Anne Paine and Barbara Nelson

Women’s Doubles, 70-74/75-79

First Place - Alice Tym and Ruth Gove

Second Place – Sondra Tornga and Joyce Manis

Men’s Doubles, 50-54

First Place – Larry Thoman and Slawomir Waclawik

Second Place - Jonathan Foulds and Archie Jordan

Third Place – Donny Flowers and Carl Lewis

Men’s Double, 55-59

First Place – Dennis Rountree and Richard Bartelt

Second Place - Donald Rohrer and Ronald Riede

Third Place – Michael Nunley and Tommy Gates

Mens Doubles, 60-64/75-79

First Place – Charles Collins and David Cass

Second Place – Sam Gennoe and Jack Daves

Third Place – John Edd Walker and Charles Trail

Men’s Doubles, 65-69

First Place – Jim Campbell and Sanders

Second Place – Paul Barnhart and Ron Sullivan

Third Place – Mike Pethel and Phillip Kropp

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The Tournament Mindset

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During practice, most table tennis players focus 100% on themselves.  They think in detail about their own footwork, their own strokes, and their own serves.  They rarely consider their opponent.  In table tennis tournaments, they are mistakenly focused on themselves, wondering why they can’t win.

By performing beautiful forehand loops, your opponent will not drop dead.  You can’t win a match based on your awesome footwork.  The only way to win a table tennis match is to beat your opponent!  In matches, you should be 95% focused on your opponent and only 5% focused on yourself.  At the elite level, there are many detailed strategies.  I’ll deal with them in a future article.  For now, here are 10 basic questions that you should be asking yourself between games and between points!

Does my opponent prefer backhand or forehand when attacking?

Does my opponent prefer backhand or forehand when defending?

Where is my opponent’s middle (the transition point between backhand and forehand)?

Does my opponent win the majority of the points from strong attacks or does my opponent win the majority of the point from my mistakes?

Does my opponent feel more comfortable close to the table or far away from the table?

What are the most common serves that my opponent is using?

If my opponent has a particularly tricky serve that I continue to miss, what other options do I have to return it?

Does my opponent attack my short serve?  Does my opponent attack my long serves?

Does my opponent have any particular trouble with a specific serve?

Does my opponent have any particular trouble with a specific shot that I’m using or does he have trouble with a particular spin or particular location?

If you go through this list between every game, you will be able to better form strategies throughout the entire table tennis match!  Remember, winning is not just about great playing, winning is about making your opponent play poorly!

Samson Dubina

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Newgy Cincinnati Open 4-Star Table Tennis Tournament – Results

Newgy Robo-Pong

Congrats to all the winners of the Newgy Cincinnati Open 4-Star Table Tennis Tournament this past weekend!

Open Giant RR
1st Samson Dubina
2nd Tapabrada Dey
3rd Hesam Hamrahian
4th Danny Dulkin
5th-8th Ali Khatami, Alex Averin, Seth Pech, and John Allen

U2400 Giant RR
1st Danny Dulkin
2nd Seth Pech
3rd-4th Nick Snider and Tapabrada Dey

u2000 Giant RR
1st Harsh Khandelwal
2nd Kosal Tith
3rd-4th Willians Calipo and Greg Smith

U1600 Giant RR
1st Chad Ryan
2nd Kevin Swan
3rd-4th Joe Ciarrochi and Yi Yan Xue

U1200 Giant RR
1st Yueling Zhang
2nd Newell Millard
3rd-4th Matt Seeds and Lin Wang

U1000 Giant RR
1st Laura Paglin
2nd Aubrey Morris

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