Nashville Predators/Newgy/NTTC Table Tennis Tournament Results

Newgy Robo-Pong

The Nashville Predators/Newgy/NTTC Table Tennis/Ping-Pong Tournament was a hit!  75 pro table tennis players, recreational ping pong players and students competed on the main floor of the Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Saturday, April 19, 2014.

The tournament featured three divisions to include players of all levels and ages. The pro division featured players with USATT ratings of 1200-2200.

Roger Dickson, Newgy’s Head Table Tennis Coach, did a great job running the tournament. We had several volunteers from the Nashville Table Tennis Club to help with registration and scorekeeping.

A big thanks to the Nashville Predators and Bridgestone Arena for hosting this fun table tennis event!

Congrats to all the winners!

Pro Division

1st Place:   Jude Lam, Knoxville, TN

2nd Place:   Donny Flowers, Memphis, TN

3rd Place:   Roger Jett, Murray, KY

Recreational Division

1st Place:   Rick Sati, Smyrna, TN

2nd Place:  Radu Rusu, Franklin, TN

3rd Place:  Iqbal Indawala, Nashville, TN

Junior (18 & Under) Division

1st Place:   Steven Dickerson, University School of Nashville

2nd Place:  Chance Waller, Smith Co. High School

3rd Place:  David Shayne, University School of Nashville

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2013 Newgy and Wang Vision Institute Open Table Tennis Tournament Results

Newgy Robo-Pong

Congratulations to all the winners of the Two Star 2013 Newgy and Wang Vision Institute Open Table Tennis Tournament sponsored by Newgy Industries, Inc. and the Wang Vision Institute and presented by Williamson County Parks & Recreation and the Nashville Table Tennis Club!


1st Place: Sameh Awadallah

2nd Place: Samson Dubina

3rd Place: John Mar

Class A

1st Place: Robert Weishaeupl

2nd Place: Jude Lam

3rd Place: Kui Zhang

Class B

1st Place: Dharmaraj Coona

2nd Place: ILiyan Arabov

3rd Place: Perry Smith

Class C

1st Place: Harrison Ngo

2nd Place: Takumi Nakamura

3rd Place: Nicolae Avram

Class D

1st Place: Tim Wooley

2nd Place: Aneel Pandey

3rd Place: Fred Mitchell

Class E

1st Place: Wayne Williams

2nd Place: Sabrina Zhu

3rd Place: Steven Liu

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Upcoming Table Tennis Tournament in Middle Tennessee

Newgy Robo-Pong

The Two Star 2013 Newgy and Wang Vision Institute Open Table Tennis Tournament

Sponsored by Newgy Industries, Inc. and the Wang Vision Institute and Presented by Williamson County Parks & Recreation and the Nashville Table Tennis Club; Sanctioned by USATT; Referee: Roger Dickson (CR)

Date: Saturday, October 12, 2013

Venue: Academy Park Gym  -- 120 Everbright St, Franklin TN 37096 

Format: Two Tier Round Robin Groups. Top 32 in Upper Division, Next 16 In Second Division. All players advance to second stage Group Round Robins. Group winners and 2nd place advance to Semi-Finals and Finals.




$5 NTTC Member Discount

USATT MEMBERSHIP FEES: $49 (1 year) / $130 (3 years) / $25 (Junior 1 year, under 18 on 10/12/13)

Optional One-Time Tournament Pass - $10 (for those who have never played in a USATT Tournament)


8:30 to 9:00 AM - Player Check-In

9:20 AM - 8 groups of 4 players (TOP TIER). 4 groups of 4 players (Bottom Tier) singles Round Robin (First Stage) - Note: ALL players advance to a group in Second Round Robin stage. Top Tier advance as OPEN, Class A, B and C as groups of 8. Bottom Tier advance as D and E as groups of 8.

11:40 AM - Lunch (Pizza & Drinks provided)

12:40 PM - 4 groups of 8 players (Top Tier) as Open,Class A to C. 2 groups of 8 players (Bottom Tier) as Class D and E Round Robin - Division Play (Second Stage). Each group of 8 players will play Round Robin as 2 groups of 4 players. Top 2 players from each group advance to Semi-Finals then Finals.

Awards: Open: 1st place - $400, 2nd - $200, 3rd- $100; Class A: 1st place- $100, 2nd - $60, 3rd -Trophy Class B to E 1st - $50, 2nd and 3rd place Trophies Except in the Open division, unrated players are ineligible for cash prizes.


DEADLINE TO ENTER: October 7, 2013

Make Check or Money Order payable to: "Nashville Table Tennis Club"

Mail entry form and Payment to: Brian Rassavong 536 Spann Court, Antioch TN 37013.

This tournament is limited to 48 players so sign up today!

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2013 Butterfly Team Table Tennis Championships Results

Newgy Robo-Pong

After grinding through a ton of construction and traffic delays, the players from the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center in Gallatin, Tennessee arrived at the Merriville Fieldhouse in Indiana for the Butterfly Team Championships on Friday August 30. As a very new building, the Fieldhouse, had enough room to allow for two ping-pong tables per tie, great lighting and wood floors.

Sameh Awadalla was on a team with familiar teammates and seeding of #1 – Dan Seemiller and Mark Hazinski. Mark Nordby joined as a fourth member to give the team a chance to rest its three strongest players. This same thought carried over to the #2 seeded LYTTC team of Adam Hugh, Fernando Yamazato, Cory Eider and Paul David. Though there were some bumps along the way, these two teams met in the last round with both being undefeated. Playing in the strong position, Adam got through Mark 3-1, and in an upset Cory got the better of Sameh 3-1. So when Fernando won against Dan, the LYTTC team had a firm grip on the win. Despite Sameh getting the win over Fernando, a mainly east coast team led by Adam Hugh had captured the Butterfly Team Championship for a second time 5 matches to 1.

The Newgy 2 team of John Edd Walker, Kyle Moyant, Harrison Ngo and Michael Kimmel went into the last tie of the event needing to win for first place in C Division. If they lost, the match record against the other two loss teams would put them in third and out of the money. The tie came down to the 9th and last possible match. In dramatic fashion Michael smashed backhand after backhand in to get a 2-0 game lead but then faltered in losing the third as he started to lose energy. Seeing the goal and the championship ahead, Michael turned it up and went all out and ended things in the fourth. I’m sure the crystal trophies they took home were worth all the stress.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1 Winners


Hugh, Adam (2591)

Yamazato, Fernando (2517)

Eider, Cory (2466)

David, Paul (2424)

Division 2 Winners

That One Team

Rockwell, Sam (1640)

Medunjanin, Amel (1748)

Medunjanin, Adnan (2039)

Lee-Freithufnig, Ludovic (2081)

Division 3 Winners

Newgy TTC 2

Moyant, Kyle (1509)

Kimmel, Michael (1707)

Walker, John (1546)

Ngo, Harrison (1515)

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The Answers to Your Top 5 Ping-Pong Rules Questions

Newgy Robo-Pong

As a Table Tennis Tournament Director and Umpire, I often get asked about the current official rules for Table Tennis. A lot of people returning to the sport or those taught by playing in the neighbors’ basement have plenty to learn.

  1. Are ping-pong games still played to 21? No, games are currently played to 11 points, win by two and usually best 3 of 5 games.
  2. Does each player get 5 serves? No, when the games changed to 11 points, the service also changed to alternating after only two serves. If tied at 10, each player would alternate service until one player leads/wins by two points.
  3. Can I serve from any place or do I have to serve on the diagonal? As long as the ball is contacted behind the end line, the server can serve from any position on their side to anywhere on your side. Yes, the ball can bounce once on your side then go off to the side or even go back toward the server too. Unless you are playing an opponent in a wheel chair, then there are special service rules to follow.
  4. Is my famous fastball serve legal? If it starts in the palm of your hand, is contacted behind the end, is tossed a minimum of 6” vertically and then struck when the ball is falling, it would be legal. Serves from the fingers and without a toss are not legal.
  5. How can you tell if the ball hits the edge versus the side of the table and what do we do if we can’t agree? If the ball kicks up and away it would clearly be an edge ball, often the side will make a different sound when the ball hits it that is very unlike the top or edge. With an umpired match it is the responsibility of the umpire to make the call. When it is a non-umpired match the player closest to the contact in question has the right to make the call.

Do you have another question about the rules of Ping-Pong? Email

Roger Dickson

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2013 Decatur Table Tennis Open

Newgy Robo-Pong

The 2013 Decatur Table Tennis Open filled rather quickly as usual. The fact that Sameh Awadalla committed to defending his 2012 title, helped draw more players in to possibly see history. If he did win, it was going to be the first ever back to back champion is the history of the event. Standing in his way was Mississippi College student, Cheng Li as the top seed. Needless to say a large number of players who train at the Newgy Table Tennis Center in Gallatin, Tennessee with Sameh were among those who quickly sent in entries to cheer on Coach Sameh.

The event format divides the field, so every match is tough and that is one of the reasons the turnout is always so strong. Of the nine players from Newgy, six were in the upper tier (w/Sameh getting a 1st Round bye) and of those required to play the morning session, the only player to make the Championship round was Roger Dickson – the player in the middle of the ratings group. But that was the end of the line for coach Roger as only one advanced from group play in that round to the quarter-finals.

Of the remaining Division titles, players from the Newgy Table Tennis Center shined. Harrison Ngo, who was unhappy with his performance in Knoxville a few weeks ago, stepped up and won the Class BBB 1st place trophy and $90 check. After getting off to a bad start, Kyle Moyant found his rhythm and took his trophy back to Florida to finish his masters in engineering. The biggest surprise was Alex Lehocky pulling off multiple upsets to take home the Division AA 1st place crystal.

All the quarter final matches went as expected, with Barnabas Gonzalas getting the pleasure of facing the #1 player Cheng Li. While quite the experience and skill level gap existed, Barnabas went down fighting. On the other side it was 2011 Decatur Champion John Mar getting 2012 Decatur Champion Sameh Awadalla. With a steady short game, Sameh was able to force John into risks he usually doesn’t take and Sameh gets to the final in straight games.

After resetting the court for added space and a better view for the spectators, the final best 4/7 match had a recurring theme. Sameh started all but one game with a nice lead but by the end of the game, he found himself on the wrong side of the win column. Cheng Li gets the 4-0 win and the 2013 Decatur Open crown, but the two big questions remain - will he be back and can he be the first player ever to repeat as the Decatur Open Champion? See everyone in 2014!

Roger Dickson

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2013 Team Table Tennis Championships

Newgy Robo-Pong

Last Thanksgiving Dan Seemiller, Mark Nordby and a few other Mid-West table tennis event promoters hosted a Team table tennis tournament in Columbus, Ohio. With a great location – Columbus Convention Center – high quality ping-pong tables, uniform lighting and barriers for individual courts, a large majority of the attending teams were planning on coming back for the 2013. But there were some concerns and issues that made the dates in November no longer accessible.

Rather than cave to the powers that be, the Butterfly Teams organizers changed the date to Labor Day weekend, Aug 31-Sept. 1 and upped their game even higher by getting all the courts on wood floors. Nothing makes your body hurt worse than three days of high level play on concrete. Also keeping with the tradition they kept the event in the mid-West, about an hour southeast of downtown Chicago in the town of Crownpoint, Indiana. The Fieldhouse site is right near I-65 and has several hotel and dining options. That was always an issue with all Thanksgivings events – restaurants either were closed, closed early or had an expensive family style or buffet Thanksgiving menu.

If you never have played a Team table tennis tournament, you need to put this on your schedule and get your teammates in training. Events like this strengthen the table tennis clubs by getting players focused not on their play but winning as a part of a team and that can be a great motivator. Not just motivation for that specific tournament but for increased practice time with their coach, teammates and improving skills at home with their Robo-Pong table tennis robot.

Hope to see you there!

Coach Roger Dickson

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America’s Team Championship 2013

Newgy Robo-Pong

As the fifth version started to take place, there was a noticeable change in the event. Teams that had come in the past and were finishing 3rd and 4th place in the First Division, were now battling just to get in to there. With the growth of private table tennis clubs, the players are getting better and many former international level players are finding coaching jobs in the U.S. with several coming from both Atlanta and California.

The 2nd seeded “Powered By Robo-Pong” team of Sameh Awadallah, Mark Hazinski and Dan Seemiller had a real scare versus the #3 seeded team as Sameh Awadallah loses to Guo Hao -10, 11, 10, 6 in the first match and Mark Hazinski loses to Qi Wei in the second 10, 4, -8, 7 to go 0-2 down. The 2012/13 U.S. Collegiate Women’s Champion JiaQi Zheng looks to put the “Robo-Pong team” down 0-3, but Dan Seemiller is ever the fighter and pulls out the upset 13-11 in the fifth. This was the critical match as the momentum changed and with a 5-3 win earns at least 2nd place.

“Atlanta Table Tennis Academy” seeded #1, proved they were deserving of the top spot as they went undefeated through the group. Kewei Li (former top 100 in the world) earned the MVP honors by going undefeated in the First Division and may have gained some new followers of his style of play. Steady on defense from both sides Kewei was never hesitant to counter attack with a laser like forehand and would even attack weak balls with the backhand long pips side of his racket.

Many thanks go out to all the volunteers, the Rockford Visitors Bureau, the staff at the Best Western Clock Tower Resort, Tilted Kilt (hosts for the players’ party) and especially the Forest City Tennis Center for letting table tennis take over their facility for the weekend! Believe it or not they are excited to see us back in 2014 for the 6th Americas’ Team Championship.

Roger Dickson

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ITTF Level 2 Coaching and Course Conductors Seminar

Newgy Robo-Pong

I was selected to attend the first ITTF/IPTTC Level 1 Coaching Certification & Course Conductors Seminar by the USATT Coaches Committee in 2010 and because of that selection I was chosen to take part in the first ITTF Level 2 course held in the U.S. This was not just great U.S. table tennis coaches, but several came from ITTF high growth areas. Spain, Brazil and Turkey all got represented here by top coaches and former great table tennis players.

Level 2 is a whole different skill set than Level 1, but some serious thought went into keeping core principles the same, while challenging and teaching fellow coaches. The course conductor could not have been more dynamic than the one chosen to do the first U.S. course. Philippe Molodzoff  of France not only was our course conductor but wrote the Advanced Training Manual. While very technical, the material is presented in sections that really make sense to those without a post doctorial degree.

I really improved on many fronts and wish to thank three of the best teammates possible: Dennis Davis from California, who as my roommate kept me focused; Federico Bassetti from Illinois (via Sicily), our mad scientist and overall physical training guru and Richard McAfee – the U.S. based ITTF trainer extraordinaire and the guy who leads by example and pushes all U.S. table tennis coaches to raise the bar!

Special thanks to USA National Junior Boys Coach Shigang “Alex” Yang who supervised my coaching and entrusted me not to mess up some of his great young table tennis players in Atlanta, Georgia.

Roger Dickson

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2013 Lindenwood April Open

Newgy Robo-Pong

Lindenwood University hosted their second event in as many weeks on the campus just west of St. Louis, MO. Usually events are in the competition arena but due to a rescheduled volleyball match, table tennis was moved to the student activities gym. Main difference was the floor, wood in the arena vs. rubberized flooring and to me it seemed better than playing in the arena.

Six players from the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center in Gallatin, Tennessee made the trip and so did six players from the Memphis area, so Tennessee was well represented among the 100+ players who attended from 10 different states. A very strong turnout considering that 100+ players were just here March 23 & 24.

Sameh Awadalla once again had a solid tourney, winning the Open Division finals over Lindenwood University’s’ Fernando Yamazato three straight. In the Open Division of the Giant Round Robin, Sameh led 2 games to 1 but could not get the last needed game from Mississippi Colleges’ top seeded Cheng Li. It was some of the best table tennis you could see in the U.S.

Other results: Coach Roger Dickson battled his way into the Over 40 finals, falling to Memphis attacking chopper Liede Handoko in three. Yevgeniy Puzreyev lost only two matches but came in 3rd in the Giant Round Robin “A” division. David Girdner chopped, blocked and hit his way to 3rd in division “D”, while John Edd Walker completed division “E” in 5th. Harrison Ngo came in 4th via a 3 way tie for 3rd in Division “F” after defeating the top two seeds.

Roger Dickson

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