Flat-Hitting with the Newgy Robo-Pong by Eric Owens

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Whenever players first start out in table tennis they typically want to start looping right from the beginning. They go to a tournament or watch videos of world-class table tennis players and see them looping every ball that goes over the net. What beginners neglect to realize is that these players have been looping for many years and certainly didn’t learn to loop as their first stroke. I can promise you that nearly every one of them began with the flat hit prior to looping, and the Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot is the perfect tool to learn this technique.

Set the robot up so that a slow-paced, topspin ball is going to one corner (either forehand or backhand). As the ball approaches, remember to use proper timing and backswing at the same speed as the ball. Do not focus on using the wrist on either forehand or backhand, but rather let the wrist flow naturally. After backswinging the same speed as the ball, contact the ball out in front of your body and follow through where you want to hit the ball. The follow through is very important when trying to control ball placement. You never want to cut it short, and it should be very relaxed and smooth. At the end of the follow through, return to the ready position and repeat. Try to contact every ball slightly away from the middle of the blade toward the outside edge. Every contact should be at the same location on the blade, and you can monitor this by looking at the marks on the rubber from the contact of the ball. If you have spots all over your rubber, then you are not being consistent in your contact and your control will suffer. Do this drill until you can comfortably hit each ball with very few mistakes and have proper contact. Once the forehand is mastered, move on to the backhand and vice-versa. You can increase the difficulty by increasing oscillation and speed of your Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot. When you can comfortably maintain a setting of 10 on oscillation AND speed, you are ready to begin looping.

Train Hard!

Eric Owens

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