Choosing a Beginner Table Tennis Racket

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When choosing a beginner racket for table tennis, there are several key elements to look for.

1. Surface - Choose a racket that has inverted rubber.  It should have sponge that is about 1.5 mm with a pips-in topsheet that is slightly grippy.

2. Speed - The speed should be medium-low to allow for best ball control and stroke development.

3. Weight - The weight should be fairly light, especially for juniors.

4. Approved - For tournament use, the rubber must say “ITTF Approved”.

5. Type - For table tennis players under the 800 level, I would recommend using a pre-assembled racket.  These rackets generally have the best control.  For tournament-level players, a professional racket is preferred – but remember to purchase one with good control.

As a beginner, I made the mistake of choosing a very fast blade with extremely tacky rubber.  This really hindered my progress.  As I mentioned above, I would recommend starting slow and working up.  I now use a Nittaku Ludeak Blade combined with Nittaku FastArc G-1 rubber.

Samson Dubina

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