Mental Strategies in Table Tennis - Part VI

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Post Game Routine

Table Tennis matches can be fairly emotional – regardless if you win or lose.  For this reason, I would recommend using a post-game routine, which consists of relaxing, writing your thoughts, forgetting the previous match, and focusing on the next match.

The first essential aspect is to get away from the table and relax.  It is important to take each match like a tournament.  If you jump into the next match without a minute break, you will probably be less than 100% physically and mentally prepared.

The second essential aspect is to write your thoughts from the previous match.  This should just take a few minutes.  Write 3-4 good strategies that you used and 3-4 things that you would do differently next time.

The third essential aspect is to forget the previous match.  What?  Forget it?  I thought that I was supposed to write my thoughts?  Yes, you did do that.  Now forget it.  Getting too high on a great victor or bumming-out too much on a bad loss will hinder your progress for the next match.

The final essential aspect is to focus on the next match.  Go back through your pre-game routine, review your notes, and remember your strategy on this next opponent.  Regardless of his/her level, take this next match like it is its own separate tournament.  Relax, play your game, remember your strategy, be willing to adjust, and have fun!

Samson Dubina

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