Doubles Table Tennis Tournament Results – Glendale Sports Center

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Fifteen doubles teams competed in a full Round Robin Table Tennis Tournament at Glendale Sports Center in Glendale, Colorado (an enclave in central Denver) on Saturday, September 22, 2013.  Seven mixed doubles and eight men’s doubles teams comprised the field.  Matches were best 2 of 3 games to accommodate getting over 100 matches on seven ping-pong tables completed in the four hours allotted for the tournament.

Kali Goring drove several hundred miles from New Mexico to play with partner Mirela Matecic .  They had a 13-1 record which tied the 13-1 record of Dennis Driggs and Jinny Longee.   Kali and Mirela prevailed by winning the head –to- head tie breaker in a tight 3 game match.   Tying for third place with identical 12-2 records were Tom Miles/Radu Vulcan and Terrence Blackman/Kennen Cohen.

Some noteworthy competitors included wheelchair player John Vcelka and Jinny Longee, one of the best over age 80 women table tennis players in the country.

Congrats to all the winners!

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