2013 Butterfly Team Table Tennis Championships Results

Newgy Robo-Pong

After grinding through a ton of construction and traffic delays, the players from the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center in Gallatin, Tennessee arrived at the Merriville Fieldhouse in Indiana for the Butterfly Team Championships on Friday August 30. As a very new building, the Fieldhouse, had enough room to allow for two ping-pong tables per tie, great lighting and wood floors.

Sameh Awadalla was on a team with familiar teammates and seeding of #1 – Dan Seemiller and Mark Hazinski. Mark Nordby joined as a fourth member to give the team a chance to rest its three strongest players. This same thought carried over to the #2 seeded LYTTC team of Adam Hugh, Fernando Yamazato, Cory Eider and Paul David. Though there were some bumps along the way, these two teams met in the last round with both being undefeated. Playing in the strong position, Adam got through Mark 3-1, and in an upset Cory got the better of Sameh 3-1. So when Fernando won against Dan, the LYTTC team had a firm grip on the win. Despite Sameh getting the win over Fernando, a mainly east coast team led by Adam Hugh had captured the Butterfly Team Championship for a second time 5 matches to 1.

The Newgy 2 team of John Edd Walker, Kyle Moyant, Harrison Ngo and Michael Kimmel went into the last tie of the event needing to win for first place in C Division. If they lost, the match record against the other two loss teams would put them in third and out of the money. The tie came down to the 9th and last possible match. In dramatic fashion Michael smashed backhand after backhand in to get a 2-0 game lead but then faltered in losing the third as he started to lose energy. Seeing the goal and the championship ahead, Michael turned it up and went all out and ended things in the fourth. I’m sure the crystal trophies they took home were worth all the stress.

Congratulations to all the winners!

Division 1 Winners


Hugh, Adam (2591)

Yamazato, Fernando (2517)

Eider, Cory (2466)

David, Paul (2424)

Division 2 Winners

That One Team

Rockwell, Sam (1640)

Medunjanin, Amel (1748)

Medunjanin, Adnan (2039)

Lee-Freithufnig, Ludovic (2081)

Division 3 Winners

Newgy TTC 2

Moyant, Kyle (1509)

Kimmel, Michael (1707)

Walker, John (1546)

Ngo, Harrison (1515)

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