2013 Team Table Tennis Championships

Newgy Robo-Pong

Last Thanksgiving Dan Seemiller, Mark Nordby and a few other Mid-West table tennis event promoters hosted a Team table tennis tournament in Columbus, Ohio. With a great location – Columbus Convention Center – high quality ping-pong tables, uniform lighting and barriers for individual courts, a large majority of the attending teams were planning on coming back for the 2013. But there were some concerns and issues that made the dates in November no longer accessible.

Rather than cave to the powers that be, the Butterfly Teams organizers changed the date to Labor Day weekend, Aug 31-Sept. 1 and upped their game even higher by getting all the courts on wood floors. Nothing makes your body hurt worse than three days of high level play on concrete. Also keeping with the tradition they kept the event in the mid-West, about an hour southeast of downtown Chicago in the town of Crownpoint, Indiana. The Fieldhouse site is right near I-65 and has several hotel and dining options. That was always an issue with all Thanksgivings events – restaurants either were closed, closed early or had an expensive family style or buffet Thanksgiving menu.

If you never have played a Team table tennis tournament, you need to put this on your schedule and get your teammates in training. Events like this strengthen the table tennis clubs by getting players focused not on their play but winning as a part of a team and that can be a great motivator. Not just motivation for that specific tournament but for increased practice time with their coach, teammates and improving skills at home with their Robo-Pong table tennis robot.

Hope to see you there!

Coach Roger Dickson

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