The Second CINCO SATURDAY at the Newgy Table Tennis Center

Newgy Robo-Pong

The spring weather may have changed the number of players entered in this edition of the Cinco Saturday. While the quantity of players was less, the quality was very balanced between the groups. To make it even more interesting, the final would be a round robin group with the records NOT carrying over.

German league player Robert Weishaeupl, came back to defend his title and as further incentive he was given the position of number one seed. Not that it gave him an easy draw. Richard Sanders was the number one seed last time, but now Richard and Robert were in the same group this session. David Girdner, Brian Rassavong and Harrison Ngo rounded out group 1.

Group 2 was led by finalist in the first Cinco Saturday, Newgy Table Tennis Trainging Center Coach Roger Dickson. The number 2 player was Larry Thoman, who has made a dramatic change to his game - due to a lengthy battle with a hip injury - by switching to long pips on his backhand. Tennessee Senior Games gold medalist Jim Campbell, Liliana Kohann and Scott Hogan completed the 2nd group.

With 2 players advancing there was a lot of well played matches and group 2 opened up greatly when Coach Roger was unable to continue due to injury after playing both Scott and Liliana. Jim Campbell made sure of spot in the final group by getting past both Liliana and Scott losing only to Larry. Liliana played quite well getting deep into the fifth game with Larry, before going down to the 10 time Tennessee State Champion.

As expected, the final group had great matches and when the smoke cleared Richard Sanders had managed to block, chop and pick hit his way to an undefeated record and $30 in cash! Robert lost only to Richard and Larry repeated his win in group play over Jim for 3rd.

April 27th looks to be Cinco Saturday #3, so mark your calendars and I hope to have a large group back again!

Roger Dickson

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