Arnold Sports Festival a Success!

Newgy Robo-Pong

We had a great time at the Arnold Sports Festival this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio! What a turnout! There were approximately 200,000 people in attendance and about 700 vendor booths related to sports and nutrition. We had a huge space for our booth and thousands of sports enthusiasts stopped by to play ping-pong with the Robo-Pong! Everyone loved it! (of course)

We also sponsored the Arnold Table Tennis Challenge. It included 20 ping-pong tables and 150+ table tennis players.  Sameh Awadallah won first place in the tournament overall, with Samson Dubina finishing 2nd. Here is a link to the complete list of winners in all categories.

We put on some great table tennis exhibitions throughout the weekend with the help of Scott Preiss (aka The Ping-Pong Man), featuring Pro Table Tennis Players - Sameh Awadalla and Samson Dubina.

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