Butterfly Atlanta Winter Table Tennis Open

Newgy Robo-Pong

It was a chilly start for Newgy Table Tennis Center Players Sameh Awadalla and Yevgeniy Puzreyev as a freezing rain halted their progress to Atlanta! Not only were there wrecks all about the metro Nashville area, Yev was forced into a ditch and unable to make it to Atlanta with Sameh.

Harrison Ngo, John Edd Walker and Coach Roger Dickson all had travelled on Friday, so were able to play and do quite well! John Edd had advanced in the over 40’s, losing in the quarter finals, then turned it up to defeat the #1 seed in his U-2000 group! Unfortunately, due to a three way tie John Edd did not advance. Harrison played well but just couldn’t win against more experienced players in the U-2000. Coach Roger started off the U-2000 with a tough loss then defeated the unrated player who had defeated the #1 seed in the group! After the loss the #1 player defaulted and effectively made the match of #2 vs #4 the decider. Unfortunately for Coach Roger, the match went as expected with the #2 winning 3 games to 2 and advanced out.

Both John Edd and Harrison advanced in the U-1500 and being on opposite halves it looked like an all Robo-Pong Training Center was going to happen! Unfortunately Harrison got chopped down in the quarter-finals, while John Edd calmly worked his long pips magic to the final! Against a strong backhanded attacking opponent, John took the first two but lost the third. John Edd stayed with his plan and the attacker was making too many mistakes to pull out the fourth and so John wins the U-1500!

Neither John Edd nor Harrison advanced from group play in the U-1800’s but Coach Roger struggled through group play and then both the quarter & semi-finals to play a recently arrived Chinese graduate student at University of Alabama in the finals. In the fifth and final game a fatigued but fighting Coach Roger just could not stop the young and attacking penholder.

In the Open, Kewai Li – former top 150 ITTF rated players while in Malta – didn’t get a lot of pressure with Sameh being ice and snow bound in Nashville and easily won the Open Division. Kewai is a lot of fun to watch as he plays the modern defensive game, all the rallies are long with many spin and tempo changes in each rally! With his recent move to Atlanta there are several young table tennis players trying to learn a balance of defense and counter attack type of game. The table tennis in Atlanta is strong and growing daily!

Many thanks to Shigang “Alex” Yang for the invitation to come play at his new table tennis club and I look forward to hosting an ITTF Level 1 Course at his club in the near future!

Roger Dickson

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