The First CINCO SATURDAY at the Newgy Table Tennis Center

Newgy Robo-Pong

In an effort to get more local table tennis players active in competition, I decided to run a test event at the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center in Gallatin, Tennessee on Saturday, January 26th. 100% of the $5 entry fees would be given back to the top finishers. Using only four tables I had originally planned on 10 entries. After sending out the information on Thursday and getting a solid response, I decided to allow two more players and I was surprised that we finished very near my estimated time of 3:30; I was just 5 minutes late!

Several new competition players came out, including seasonal German league player Robert Weishaeupl, who started the day as the number two seed. As a left handed player Robert naturally has a slight advantage, but add in his creative use of anti spin rubber and things get VERY complicated.

The number one seed, Richard Sanders has one thing in common with Robert and that is his use of anti spin rubber. While Robert has a more traditional style and grip, Richard uses one side of the racket to play both forehand and backhand sides. While commonly called the Seemiller grip after 10-time US Champion Dan Seemiller, the grip is very good for blocking and quick attacks.

In group play both Richard and Robert went undefeated, but both number three seeds pulled upsets of the second seeds to advance to the semi-finals. Brian Rassavong, having had several months off from Achilles tendon surgery, just couldn’t get a break against Roberts’ steady counter and attack game. While in the other half Richard struggled to find the table against Newgy Coach Roger Dickson and went down 3-0.

In the third place play off, Richard took his frustration out on Brian and counter attacked more for the 3-0 win. Robert vs Roger part 2 started much like it had with group play – no player getting a lead for long! Right at the end Robert managed to find two good serve and follow combinations to get the first game 11-9. Game two started as a rout, Roberts ball repeatedly found a way to fall over the net for a 7-3 lead. Roger played a little riskier at that point than in the entire first game, trying to make up the points difference. At 10-7 the ball from Robert somehow hit the net and flopped over, barely bouncing on the table! Needing to win three straight, Roger went back to the original game plan of steady pressure against Robert. At this point the tactical change from Roger resulted in Robert attacking more and the pace change was the deciding factor in winning 3-0 (9,7,9).

With events in Atlanta this weekend and the US Table Tennis Team Trails the following, Cinco Saturday 2 will likely be February 16th. Keep an eye on your inbox!

Roger Dickson

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