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Here is a brief video of ten year old table tennis player, Stina Kallberg, from Sweden. Obviously her table tennis coaches work a lot on footwork drills as she moves with excellent balance and keeps her racket in very good position while moving in all directions. .

At the 5 minute mark you can see her doing a drill made famous in Sweden – the “Falkenburg Drill”. This drill works on both backhand to forehand transition and movement from left to right then back to the left. This is usually a three ball pattern – two placed to the backhand corner and then wider to the forehand. The trick is that the second ball to the backhand is played with the forehand!

The Robo-Pong 2050 and 1050 table tennis robots are able to do this drill at four different levels. Drill #5 is the beginners’ version, so the third ball is on the centerline. Drill #15 adds a level of difficulty by first having a short serve to the forehand, then the regular pattern follows. The typical or normal version that is for regularly training competition table tennis players is Drill #52.

For the highest level player or just to test your skills Drill #61 will push you to your maximum in reaction speed, stroke recovery and range of footwork! German National Table Tennis Team member Patrick Baums’ father programmed this drill for Patrick using the Robo-Soft programming tool and was kind enough to share it with all of us!

Roger Dickson

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