2012 Butterfly Teams Table Tennis Tournament - Roger Dickson

Newgy Robo-Pong

51 tables, 55 teams plus cash and crystal trophies make the perfect combination for the day after Thanksgiving! This year Dan Seemiller, with help from friends, family and table tennis giant Butterfly, put on a solid first year effort in snow-free Columbus, Ohio, November 23-25.

Sameh and I made the trek from the Newgy Table Tennis Training Center in Gallatin, Tennessee to the Columbus Convention Center on Thanksgiving Day. It was a great drive – sunny and moderate traffic for a holiday and no sign of snow! It actually was rather warm and didn’t mind the walk from the parking garage to the Hyatt, which is connected to the Convention Center. As I went to check in, two of Sameh’s teammates came off the elevator. Michael Landers and fellow New Yorker Mark Croitiroo had arrived earlier in the afternoon and were ready to do some training!

The Butterfly 1 team got in an early session as Mark Hazinski was already on-site, helping long time mentor/coach Dan Seemiller with the ping-pong® tables and courts.  As practice continued, I found out that I was scheduled for full sessions of umpiring on Saturday and Sunday, so I was sure to work hard to get good team communication going early!

Eleven teams were in each division, so we played a preliminary round at 9 am, then three rounds on Friday, five on Saturday and finished with three on Sunday. So 11 teams and 11 rounds doesn’t make sense, but everyone gets one round played as a bye. For Butterfly 1 that bye was Sunday morning and that worked out great for me as I didn’t have to rush to get packed and checked out of the hotel!

Friday started with the Preliminary Rounds – basically a test to be sure you are seeded correctly and other than Mark C. losing to Canada’s ITTF Hopes Player Jeremy Hazin in a tough five game match, the guys made short work of the round and we were set for Division 1 play!

As the top seeded team Butterfly 1 played the teams in reverse order from weakest to strongest and if not for the incredible comeback powers of Cory Eider against Michael Landers, Butterfly 1 would have gone undefeated in this tough division! Below are the team results for Division 1.

The link below will show the results of all divisions and has links to both the individual players and the registered teams!

Thanks to all the event staff for a great tournament and I hope to be playing next year and just not attending to umpire – though it is important! I highly recommend all table tennis players take the club umpires test to see what you really should know! I had to remind several players AND coaches of the actual service toss rules! More on that in my next blog!

Roger Dickson

Division   1

A B C D E F G H I J K Pts Rank
A   Butterfly 1   W 5-0 W 5-4 L 4-5 W 5-0 W 5-1 W 5-2 W 5-0 W 5-1 W 5-0 W 5-1 19 2
B   Yang Shigang TT Academy 1 L 0-5   W 5-3 L 4-5 W 5-3 W


W 5-0 W 5-0 W 5-0 W 5-2 W 5-1 18 3
C   Maryland Table Tennis Center A L 4-5 L 3-5   L 4-5 W 5-0 W 5-0 W 5-2 W 5-0 W 5-2 W 5-1 W 5-0 17 4
D   Rubber, Wood, Balls W 5-4 W 5-4 W 5-4   W 5-1 W 5-0 W 5-0 W 5-0 W 5-1 W 5-0 W 5-0 20 1
E   Senoda L 0-5 L 3-5 L 0-5 L 1-5   L DEF L 0-5 L 4-5 W 5-2 L 3-5 L 3-5 10 11
F   Alameda-Sac L 1-5 L 2-5 L 0-5 L 0-5 W DEF   L 4-5 W 5-4 W 5-3 W 5-1 W 5-2 15 6
G   Scared Hitless L 2-5 L 0-5 L 2-5 L 0-5 W 5-0 W 5-4   L 3-5 W 5-3 W 5-2 W 5-2 15 5
H   Lindenwood University A L 0-5 L 0-5 L 0-5 L 0-5 W 5-4 L 4-5 W 5-3   L 3-5 W 5-3 L 1-5 13 9
I   Northern Ohio Avengers L 1-5 L 0-5 L 2-5 L 1-5 L 2-5 L 3-5 L 3-5 W 5-3   L 4-5 L 2-5 11 10
J   South Park TTC L 0-5 L 2-5 L 1-5 L 0-5 W 5-3 L 1-5 L 2-5 L 3-5 W 5-4   W 5-2 13 8
K   Road Block L 1-5 L 1-5 L 0-5 L 0-5 W 5-3 L 2-5 L 2-5 W 5-1 W 5-2 L 2-5   13 7

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