The Best Physical Training

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Many table tennis players ask me about my physical conditioning program. I get asked questions such as:

How do you get fit for table tennis?

What exercises do you do?

Do you run?

Do you lift weights?

The best training for table tennis is…  playing table tennis at high intensity.  I train very hard on a daily basis and push myself to do extremely hard footwork drills.  This is the most important physical training that I can do and it works all the muscles I use in table tennis.

Here is a short video of my daily training routine:

Notice in the video that I’m doing random drills on my table tennis robot.  These drills keep me on my toes so that I need to adjust to various speeds and locations.  After 1 hour of high intensity training, I can burn between 800-1000 calories.  That’s more calories than jogging for 1 hour!

Samson Dubina

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