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I was honored to be invited to the pioneer class for the ITTF Level 2 course at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  I was also in the first group of table tennis coaches selected to take the Level 1 and Level 1 Course Conductors courses and just like in Level 1, the USA coaches exceeded the Course Conductor’s expectations in all 14 passing the Level 2 Course!

It can’t get better when the instructor is the man who wrote the book! In Level 1 we had Glenn Tepper, now for Level 2, we get Philippe Molodzoff! The best thing I can say is that he lives, breathes and sleeps for improving the GLOBAL growth of table tennis and has a huge mental library that he is overly willing to share with his students – both as players and coaches! Philippe was quick to fix my multi-ball for topspin, “more racket speed forward and contact lower for “tight” trajectory” was his most common request when I was serving multi-ball. I am used to doing more short to the net technique and quickly realized that away from the table skills are just as important.

As I sort, process and compile my notes I will be doing more articles based on the conversations and experiences from this camp! It truly is motivating and humbling to be amongst this group and look forward to further enriching my growth as a person and table tennis coach from meeting this wonderful of like minded and forward thinking group!

Roger Dickson

Front Row:  Chong Ng, Ernesto Ebuen, Nelson Muchado, Mike Mui

Second Row: Abilio Cruz, Arif Khan, Philippe Molodzoff, Christian Lillieroos, Richard McAfee

Third Row: Joel Mitchell, Duane Gall, Ray Pestridge, Dennis Davis, Jef Savage, Iliana Radu, Roger Dickson, Juan Ly, Federico Bassetti

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