Robo-Pong featured in new book


The Newgy Robo-Pong has been featured in a new book: How to Live Almost Forever, A Book About Longevity

From Part Two: Exercise is Medicine: My Parkinson’s Story by  Gary N. Guten, MD

Ping Pong (Table Tennis). My table has a mechanical Newgy “robot” that “hits” and rapidly propels a ball to me at a ball per second. You can see a video of the remarkable Newgy robot on – enter “Newgy ping pong robot.” A small net device is behind the robot that captures the hit balls and recycles them into the small robotic machine. Besides being great fun, it is a great endurance and aerobic exercise, with about 50 balls that recycle constantly. I frequently place a ping pong paddle in both hands and practice bilateral hits. This reciprocal arm and eye coordination probably stimulates some changes in my brain. This is called neuroplasticity (see Glossary). You have to see it to believe it. Be sure to check out the Newgy system on

Table tennis has been called by players “aerobic chess.” Table tennis is called “aerobic chess” because of its positive impact on hand-eye coordination and reflexes as the player tracks the ball through space and plans shots and strategies. This may explain the positive impact of table tennis on my Parkinson’s.

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