The Importance of Balance in Table Tennis – Michael Landers


An often overlooked, but very important aspect of table tennis is balance.  The fact of the matter is that your body’s stability is the foundation for every shot, so each and every stroke depends on the body’s positioning and balance. This, of course, brings up the question, “How does one learn how to balance his body out for a sport like table tennis?” Well, biomechanically speaking, table tennis is just like any other sport; balance comes mostly from your core, legs and technique.

As for technique, take a look at this video of Ma Long, #2 Ranked World Table Tennis Champion

As you can see, during each of his strokes, he uses his left arm as a stabilizer by keeping it out in front of his body and guiding his right arm through the ball, as opposed to flailing it around at his side like many amateur table tennis players do. His stroke is extremely compact and uniform.

You can try to achieve the same effect by placing a small beach ball between your hands instead of a table tennis racket and practicing your strokes without any ping-pong® balls to learn to stabilize your body. In addition, try doing some core and leg exercises like sit-ups, medicine ball twists, or frog jumps to help strengthen the vital parts of your body.

Hopefully, if you have the patience and dedication to follow these instructions, you will see significant changes in your table tennis game.

Michael Landers

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