Using the Angles in Table Tennis – Samson Dubina


Next time that you are discussing table tennis with a recreational player, ask him the following question, “If the ping-pong® table is five feet wide, why is the Olympic-size court 35 feet wide?”, he probably won’t know the answer.

Most recreational table tennis players hit the corners, but can’t hit the ball any wider.  By using spin and contacting the side of the ball on a push or loop, you can easily develop a wide shot.  The earlier you contact the ball, the wider you can hit it.  If you add some sidespin to your shot, you can make it go even wider.

Using the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 table tennis robot, set it to shoot balls to the middle of the table.  Use your forehand or backhand and try to angle the ball side to either side.  Use chalk to draw a line from the corner of the table to your contact point.  Try to hit the ball wider than the corner.  This is very effective against players who don’t move well or players who are trying to play only one side (using all forehand or all backhand).  Even if the player retrieves the ball, he will probably be out-of-position for the next hit.

Samson Dubina

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