Using the Robo-Pong as a Teaching Aide – Michael Landers


After discovering the ping-pong® table in the bottom floor of my apartment building for school, I decided to bring my Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot down there to see if anybody would be interested in learning how to play table tennis.

Surprisingly, about 10 people asked me to teach them a few things. In the past I’ve found that it can be quite difficult to try to teach someone proper strokes in a one on one situation because it’s impossible to guide someone’s arm while feeding them balls. Usually what happens is that I show them how to hit the ball and then let them try themselves as I hit balls to them. However, with the Robo-Pong, I am able to stand behind the person and literally guide them through each stroke by holding their hand while the robot continues to feed balls out. I’ve found this to be incredibly efficient, as I can let the person feel the correct way to hit and spin the ball.

After about 30 minutes, I had all 10 kids hitting consistent forehands on the table. They thought the Robo-Pong was the coolest thing ever and can’t wait for another lesson!

Michael Landers

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