How to Improve Your Blocking - Michael Landers


Have you ever thought about improving your blocking skills in table tennis quickly and effectively while getting a great cardio workout at the same time? The Newgy Robo-Pong table tennis robot is the solution!

Simply turn on the oscillation feature (on models 2050, 2040, 1050 or 1040) and adjust the frequency to your desired setting, and you’re ready to go! Balls will shoot over the table ranging from your backhand to your forehand, helping to improve your reflexes, muscle memory, and your cardio!

With the 2050/1050’s digital system, you can turn on its digital random setting, which allows for a more scattered pattern, really making you concentrate on where the ball will land.

Practicing your blocking can be a drag and boring, but it’s an absolute necessity during any kind of match play. With the Robo-Pong, blocking is instantly made fun and challenging!  During my practice sessions, I do a few sets of random blocking for a few minutes at a time. You should challenge yourself and try the same!

Michael Landers

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