My 3 Favorite Drills with the Newgy Robo-Pong 2050 - Michael Landers


Drill #7 (Topspin) - Backhand, Middle, Forehand, Middle

I mostly use this drill to get my feet moving and try to hit each ball with my forehand while the ball frequency is fairly fast. It’s also great to practice basic footwork movements and transitioning from backhand to forehand. 

Drill # 15 (Topspin) - Short Forehand flip, then Falkenberg (Two backhands/1 forehand or One backhand, one step-around forehand, and one wide forehand)

The main reason why I like this drill is because it makes you move in and out of the table in addition to the normal lateral movements.  Being able to move quickly in and out of the ping-pong table is just as important as being able to move side to side, and the short flip transitioning to a deep backhand loop really makes you shift your body.

Drill # 32 (Topspin) – Fishing/Lobbing at all different depths and positions

This drill forces you to react quickly and pounce on the opportunity of a high-ball in exactly the same way as in a real match. The different depths and positions of each ball forces you to move into the correct position of each ball and give you the chance to powerfully put the ball away past the “opponent.”

Happy Training!

Michael Landers


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